Berserker Quest:


Requirement: Lv 70
Location: Soldiers Guild, Goldburg
Details: Able to ignore enemies’ defence. Uses 35mp.

- Talk to Antylok, Soldiers Guild, Goldburg (17,33) and he will tell you to talk to Themistocles, Goldburg (76,335).
- Themistocles will ask you to investigate 3 people and catch the thief.

Peyarez, Port Pebbles (15,159)
Robin, Swan Lake (68,1118)
Derel, Veggie (7,158)
(P.S. One of the Npcs did not go to Goldburg. Use this information to help in your investigation)

- After talking to all 3 Npcs. Report back to Themistocles. Choose Derel and Themistocles will ask you to talk to the other 2 Npcs again.
- Report back to Themistocles. In this conversation, you will discover that Robin is the real thief. (If you chose wrongly, you will need to talk to the Npcs again).
- Go back to Robin and talk to him. This will initial a fight. Robin is lv 70.
- Defeat Robin and he will request that you look for Willis, a house, Goldburg (103,127).
- Talk to Willis and he will ask for Light slug drop, Poppy Maze B2.
- Bring the item back to Willis, return the diary to Antylok and you will learn Haymaker.

Thanks to Pipa's Forums and HeadNShouldeR