Beauty and the Beast

Bobo The Rat
Requirement: Unknown
Rewards: 25k Exp 1k Fame  10k Cash
Quest NPC's

Steps1) in Sheep Horn Village speak with Arch (68:89) Choose (Option 1)
Step 2) Right Click rat then talk to Arch again.
Step 3) Go to the healers in Sheep Horn (59:206)  speak with  “Penny”
Step 4) Pay Penny 5k and take the angel prayer to the rat,
Step 5) Talk to Arch
Step 6) Go back to hospital(59:206)  speak with Penny again
Step 6) Go to Vegie speak to healer shavana in veggie healers
Step 7) Choose Make up story and lie (Option 1) If you choose Option 2 he makes you run around hunting “perfect pearl rings” Utter waste of time Both gives you the same rewards..
Step 8) Bring 10 bottles of summer breeze to him. (Either buy and bring back to him or bring the harvesting items to him to have him make them either way works)
Step 9) Option 1 (10 units of Summer Breeze) Option 2) ingridents to make summer breeze.
Step 10) wait for the blabber mouth to stop talking, then talk to him one more time.
Step 11) Talk to Arch
Step 12)Talk to Bobo the Rat

Credits: MeFisher, and Machi and lonecub for user submitions
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Finding Movis
Requirement: Complete Bobo The Rat Quest and finish Prince's wish and Amnesiac Witch.
Rewards: 20k coins, 5000 fame, 100k XP
Quest NPC's

Step 1) Talk to Arch (Option 1)
Step 2) Talk to Jaston in ( 33:167 ) in sheep horn village
Step 3) Go into Forgotten Forest and find the Nameless Woman at (94:163)
Step 4) Go back to Sheep Horn Village and talk to Woody in Huti’s house (65:175)
Step 5) Go to Browson’s House(34:87) and speak to Brandson
Step 6) Go to Jaston and acuse him A battle will start right away (Level 70 with 100,000Hp’s ) Advanced Martial artist attacks, and quad, and other nasty surprises. He has more then 173 dex
Step 7) Talk to Jaston
Step 8) Talk to Arch (not necessary but npc speaks to you)
Step 9) Talk to Woody (not necessary but npc speaks to you)
Step 10) Talk to Brandson (not necessary but npc speaks to you)
Step 8) Talk to 'Nameless Woman' in the Forgotten Forest
Step 9) Finish the Amnesiac Witch quest and the Prince's Wish quest.
Step 10) Talk to Castle Guard Sarde (the right one) in Forgotten Forest (17.49)
Step 11) Go to Arch (65.95) in Sheep Horn Village.
Step 12) Talk to Perro 20:71 in Sheep Horn Village.
Step 13) Talk to Natalie (94.163) in Forgotten Forest.
Step 14) Report back to Arch (65.95) in Sheep Horn Village
Step 15) Talk to Bobo(65.95) in Sheep Horn Village.

Quest update from : Nevje, DFKnight, Brandy, Laelyne, Moiraine.
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Amnesiac Witch
Requirements: Started the finding Movis quest/defeating Jaston
15x Rootless Lotus, 1k Coins
Transformation Potion
Rewards: 15k xp and 15k coins
Quest NPC's

Step 1) Talk to Nameless Woman in the Forgoten Forest at
(94:163) choose Option 1 Twice.
Step 2)
Go to the healer in Sheephorn Village hospital and talk to Little Nurse Penny, she tells you to go talk to healer shavana in vegie.
Step 3) Go to Vegie talk to Shavana
Step 4) Bring 15 rootless lotus to Shavana choose Option 2 when you bring them.
Step 5) Bring potion to the Nameless Woman
Step 6) Woman starts to go nuts, run back to the quack doctor Shavana. O.O WHAT A QUACK. he can't help omg....
Step 7) Talk to Arch he sugests speaking to an old man to the "east" of the village but it's actualy to the west(left).
Step 8) Talk to Perro (Sheephorn Village 20:71) learn a "spell" "amakura cha lumina"
Step 9)Talk to Arch and get a silver pen
Step 10) Take the pen and any Transformation Potion (created using 5 of the same element/species doll, or bought from other players) to (15:310) in Castle b2. Go to the pool and right click anywhere on the water. (Choose Option 1, (Yes I got them) and (Option 1 when asked to proceed or to rearrange your inventory choose Option 2)
Step 11) Head back to the Nameless Woman an see what happens :)

Quest update from Nevje, Ely and DFKnight
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The Prince's Wish
Requirements: Finished Amnesiac witch quest, 5 crystal ore, 3 amethyst ore, 1 cats eye ore, 2 mind soothe.
Rewards: 100k coins, 3000 fame and the Count Sheep Horn title
Quest NPC's

1. After completing Amnesiac Witch, the witch will tell you to check on Prince Pernot (Prince Proctor) (Make sure to talk to her untill she says this).
2. Talk to Cogsworth at 99,282 in Castle Pernot to obtain keys for prince's room.
3. Talk to the prince (67:32, top right). He will fight you. He is lvl 85, has approximately 200k hp and uses Holy blast, Triple Combo & Fistwave. His fistwave is pretty nasty. And it is believed his dex is above 184.
*note for SoDs: in castle pernot Dark Magic (other magic too?) is decreased tremendously. dont expect to do your 12k SB, but be glad if it hits 2k. Use a pet with weaken and use life altar the first 5 turns (it will only do 10k, 8k, 6k, 4k damage and eventually none) Poison Cloud is very useful, however that too is reduced in damage. Pets can still hit hard, so use nightmare every now and then.
**note: even with weaken he will still be able to hit with holy blast! Keep potions at hand or bring an AoL, since you cant heal with lifedrain (+1)
***note for mages: At first Bloodboil will do the full damage on the prince, but this decreases with every use. (counts for all spells you use, each turn your magic attack decreases). 4. After the fight the prince will ask u to talk to Bella (51:32) in Castle Pernot (Top left).
5. Bella will send u to 'Natalie', the woman in Nameless Forest (94:163).
6. After talking to the woman, go to Arch (68.89) in Sheep Horn Village.
7. Talk to Perro (Sheephorn Village 20:71). 8. Bring 5 crystal ores, 3 amethyst ores, one cats eye ore and 2 mind soothe to the lady of the pool in Castle B2 (16:301).
*note: you can simply buy the mind soothe (240gp) at Sheep Horn Village healer.
9. Talk to Natalie in Forgotten Forest again (94:166)
10. (not required) If you speak to Arch first, he will tell you to have a look at the Prince 11. Go back to the Prince Pernot (67:32) in the castle.

Quest update from Nevje, DFKnight, Dominationz & Laelyne
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