Beast Lord Quest:


Requirements: level 68 and learn all earlier skills.

1. Go talk to Buliloya in the journeyman guild in Rainbow City.
2. He will ask you to raise your charm to a specific number. You can use charm set or any ways you wish to get his required charm.
3. Following that, he will give u a quiz of 10 random questions out of i believe 15. Each question you have only 5 seconds to click the right answer. (P/s: For those who wish get it right in the 1st attempt, memorize the answers to this 10 question. High chance 5 or more of these appear and if you get 5 or more right you pass this stage.)

1. Which of the following can a gold seahorse equip?
(a) Magical Antenna <---ans
(b) Scholar's Glasses
(c) Clockwork

2. Golden Aibo can learn recovery, mischeif, thp, goodwill, Scarifice and?
(a) Play dead <--- ans
(b) Silence
(c) Vampirsm

3. Who can teach pet skill ice blade?
(a) Wela at rosen lake
(b) Arvy in temple of water <---- ans
(c) Wela in temple of water

4. Best time capture a pet is when its hp is below?
(a) 26 %
(b) 22 %
(c) 17 % <--- ans

5. Max number of pets a person can carry is?
(a) 5
(b) 10 <--- ans
(c) 15

6. Which skill group do capture, entrap and observe belong to?
(a) comfort
(b) Beast Lore <--- ans
(c) Animal Training

7. In order for a pet to be put in aura (soul) its intimacy must be?
(a) 70
(b) 80 <--- ans
(c) 60

8. Cap 3 can catch what level pets?
(a) 41-60
(b) 1-60 <--- ans
(c) 10-60

9. Where can Luck Dragon be found?
(a) Hachoo
(b) Guru
(c) Mithra <--- ans

10. Besides mud slime, wood rat, water spider, which is usually the 1st pet adventurers began with?
(a) red beetle <--- ans
(b) blue beetle
(c) green beetle

11. Who should I go to if I need to disown,capsulize, downgrade a pet?
(a)Peisan in Rainbow City <--- ans
(b)Kira in Bluebird
(c)Molly in Goldburg

12. Which Pet Accessory does Zandra at Port Pebbles make?
(a)Sleeping Cap
(b)Diving Goggles
(c)Baby Pacifier <--- ans

NOTE: can't find npc zandra in Port Pebbles!!! check this out beforehand!

13. Which of the following pet skills can be used both in combat and normal times?
(a)Summer Time
(b)Transfer Hitpoints <--- ans

14. A mud crawler could learn Combo, Play Dead, Vampirism, Sacrifice, Desperate Strike, Regeneration, and?
(c)Avalanche <--- ans

Is there a question 15?

Note: Failing the quiz you need wait 2 days in game to retake = 48mins real life time.

4. Passing this, he will ask you to catch a random pet within a month in game time. Could be any pets that are not cap 4.
5. Bring back to him in a month and he will ask you for the last part of the test. That is allow him to demo the skill to you. You will be in a battle with him (lvl 60) with water and fire crabs (level 50) full mobs.
6. Kill all the crabs 1st making sure he performed merge one time on you and then kill him. Battle over, congratulation, you have just learned the skill merge.

Thanks Pochi for updates!


Requirements : Lvl 70 , completeion of the Merge quest, 2 capsules (either cap 3 or cap 4)

There are a few random factors in the quest but will try and put what I ran into. the random factors being the pets that need to be identified and the pets that need to be caught.

Step 1 : Go to the quest NPC in the Rainbow City Journeyman's guild (located at coordinates 242,573) the npcs name is Buliloya.

Step 2 :
After talking to Buliloya he will have you fight 2-3 random mobs and have you identify the pet and where they are from (it will list three choices for each mob group the choices are very easy to do).

An example of such a mob would be the poison skeleton, it would ask you

where is this and what mob is it?
Answers :
1. Poison skeleton at Kitty Maze.
2. Poison skeleton at Candy Mountain.
3. *insert random place here*.

After the mobs have been identified that will end step 2

Step 3 :
After completing step 2, talk to Buliloya again and he will ask you to catch two particular pets, you must be the ONLY Beast Lord/Beast Master in the party while trying to catch these pets, in my case he said to catch (there will be npcs at each location he sends you to) for me it was as follows:

First pet
1. Candy Mountain , NPC name Lopez at coordinates 35:147
to look for the "Bright Orange" pet. after talking to Lopez he asked me to look for a Bright orange that was lvl 60 with 1600 hp , meaning I would have to use the skill observe in order to catch the right pet (the Bright Orange is only a quest pet not a regularly caught pet, to save capsules I used a capsule 3 instead of a capsule 4 depends on how many of the caps you have)

Then after speaking to Lopez again you can go back to rainbow city and speak to Buliloya for the next pet to be caught.

Second Pet
2. Coconut isle , NPC name Affleck at coordinates 93,114. Please note that he walks around but thats his general location, he asked me to look for "Water Blue" (which in my case was a Water Snake), in order to run into the Water Blue, Affleck wanted me to have 2 diamonds or 20 majestic rice to carry to lure the creature out, I used two diamonds, also know that the stuff the npcs ask for will vanish from your inventory as you catch the quest pets. Also note that water blue is also lvl 60.

After catching the water blue I returned to Buliloya in rainbow city again , this completes step 3.

Step 4 final step :
after catching the two pets and giving them to Buliloya he will want to demo or show you the new skill, I would recommend a party (just for fun and possibly to heal depending on how long it takes for him to use the skill on you) for the demo you'll end up fighting Buliloya and the two creatures you just caught, all of them are lvl 6x or higher.

After he uses unleash on you, feel free to kill him and his pets in whatever way you wish, personally I merged them to death =P, after the battle is over talk to Buliloya again and you will have learned the Unleash skill.

Thank You DuoMaxwell for step by step info and Ely for the corrections on the above list.

Beast Lord skills shortlist.


Requirement: Level 63, Advanced class.
Location: Journeyman’s Guild, Rainbow City
Detail: Enhances pet strength. Lasts 3 rounds. Uses 45 mp.

- Talk to Buliloya, Journeyman’s Guild, Rainbow City (22,65) and you will learn Spur.


Requirement: Level 65, Advanced class.
Location: Journeyman’s Guild, Rainbow City
Detail: Enhances strength of all the pets in party. Uses 80 mp.

- Talk to Buliloya, Journeyman’s Guild, Rainbow City (22,65) and you will learn Primal.


Requirement: Level 68, Advanced class.
Location: Journeyman’s Guild, Rainbow City
Detail: Attacks all. Uses 30 mp. Decreases pet’s HP until half. If pet’s HP is already at half, it will drop til 1HP.

- Talk to Buliloya, Journeyman’s Guild, Rainbow City (22,65). He will ask you to raise your Charm (ensure that you are not wearing any Charm equipment).
- Buliloya will then ask you 10 questions. You have only 5 seconds to answer each question. If you did not pass this, you will need to wait 2 in game days before you try again.
- Buliloya will then ask you to catch a pet within one in game month. Bring the captured pet back to him
- Defeat Buliloya and you will learn Merge.

~quest ends~


Requirement: Level 70, Learned Merge, must be only Beastlord in party.
Location: Journeyman’s Guild, Rainbow City
Detail: All pets in party will attack randomly except Beast Lord’s target. Uses 40 mp

- Talk to Buliloya, Journeyman’s Guild, Rainbow City (22,65). You will need to defeat his pets and answer where are the pets found (total two battles).
- Buliloya will then tell you that he lost 2 of his pets. You are to catch them and bring the 2 pets back to him.
- Find Lopez, Candy Mountain (35,147) and he will tell about one of the lost pets (Hp is around 1600). Catch and bring back to Buliloya.
- Find Everest, Coconut Island (93,117) and he will tell you about the lost pet. You will need 20 Majestic Rice or 2 Diamonds to lure it. Catch and bring back to Buliloya.
- Defeat Buliloya and you will learn unleash.

~quest ends~

(this one is from Pipa's forums)