AOD Level 60 Quest



Requirement: Dark Magic level 65, Poison Cloud
Location: Temple of Darkness
Details: Uses 90mp to reduce the attack prowess of all mobs.

- Talk to the Dark Sage, Temple of Darkness, Genie Desert (66, 199). He will tell you to get the Ring of Arson from a Golden vulture, Guru Island (random encounter, Golden Vulture - Lv 60 (10k hp) comes with 4x vulture - lv 50 - 55. (4 - 5.5k hp)

You may need to fight the Golden Vulture a few times before it will appear as an NPC; when it does you can talk to him. Talk to the Golden Vulture and you will get the Ring of Arson.

- Take the Ring of Arson to Hamini the Wise, Goldburg Lake (71, 169). He will ask you to get him 2x vintage sorghum & 1x Fine Woolen Cloth. Give Hamini the items and the ring. (the ring will stay in your inventory) He will then ask you to come back in 3 days' time (90 minutes real time).

- Talk to Hamini the Wise and he will explain what the runes on the Ring of Arson mean. He will tell you that the ring has to be brought to the Dark Sage at the Temple of Darkness.

- Talk to the Dark Sage. He will tell you to rub the ring and a "Dark Force" will come over you. The dark force is the King of Haunts, lv 60 (10k hp) with some ghosts, lv 50 - 55 (4 - 5.5k hp)

- Defeat the King of Haunts. Talk to the Dark Sage and you will learn Enfeeble..

Thanks StEvE & Laelyne for help, especially with the NPC names & Item names

NOTE: If you have begun the "Quest - Treasures of the Goddess Shiria" but have not completed it. You will not be able to talk to Hamini the Wise about the Ring of Arson.

Advice from StEvE: TYou may want at least 1 other high level player to help you kill the bosses, as they hit very hard (this is especially true for the King of Haunts)

King of Haunts and ghost party may randomly turn invisible, only poison will hurt them while they are invisible, so make sure to cast PoisonCloud the first round.

Credit: Pretzel, Pipa's Forums & Laelyne



Gate of Chaos

Test of Darkness
-Requirements: Acolyte of Darkness, Dark Magic Lv15, 10 capped pets
-Rewards: Gate of Chaos Spell (uses 10MP)
-Detail: Random teleport to 3 major towns in Healers and 3 major cities at main teleporters.

1)Talk to Blake Kirby(15:22) inside the Dark Temple
2)Choose option one "Is there a problem?"
3)He asks you to bring him 10 ensnared beasts.
4)Get him 10 beasts in their capsules and quest is complete
*Note: Just capture 10 pets of Capsule Level One, no pet species limitation, so you can catch 10 black sheeps or 10 random pets as you prefer.

Sumbited by: Amarion