Ali Baba Quests:

Flying Palace

Aladdin and the Little Princess Sheba
Requirement: <none listed>
Rewards: 3k Coins, Gift Box (Another kind of box), 2k fame,
5k exp
Quest NPC's

Princess Sheba
1. Talk to Princess Sheba (She is in the palace above the clouds to access this area head to the north part of baghdad(55:31), having your pet use a carpet right click the pillar it will teleport you into the clouds)
2. Fight monsters for her locket with photos.(I found mine on level 1 and 2)
3. Return to Princess Sheba
4. Speak with Aladdin's mother in Baghdad (71:213)
5. Go speak with Aman in port basara Selling shop (48:25)
6. Receive clay key
7. Go to Syrian Plateau Top Middle corner
8. Enter the Secret Tomb (there is a shortcut to level 3 of the secret tomb via syrian plateau at the top behind the houses follow the wall to the right, till you walk behind some boulders. )
9. Work your way down to Level 3, you will find a plaque on a wall, place the key in there, when you click the prompt you shall right away be talking to the genie and right away starting a fight so Gear up and prepare for battle first. (Level 55 with approximately 8500Hp)
10. Speak with Aladdin
11. Speak with Genie (Choose option 2)
12. Take 1 x Topaz 5 x Gold ingots to the blacksmith
(Actually the Armory)(69:121) to : Apprentice Tarlie (Choose Option 2)
13. Take lamp back to Genie. (Choose Option 1)
14. Speak with Aladdin
15. Go speak with the Princess Sheba
Thanks Visionary and Traitor
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City of Baghdad
Memory Loss Medicine
Requirement: <none listed>
Rewards: 2k Coins, 3k Exp
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Healer Hamar in the healers in baghdad (63:148)
2. Choose the Option: you can always talk to me. (Option 2)
3. Find Hamar's wife (10:192)
4. Go back to Hamar he requests you to find Memory Loss Medicine
Head east through the Persian Desert and East into Siwa oasis -
5. speak to Barlitz (34:57 - Wanders a bit) in Siwa Oasis
You memorize a song:

Ho ho ha ha thieves,
Ho ho ha ha Thieves...
Delicious food,wine and drink,
and the beauty in the world we can take them all,
ho ho ha ha
Hey hey who can defeat us,
who dares to disobey us?
Silk, damask, jewels,
and the shining golds.
Who can compare to us, yo ho hey.
I can borrow, I can steal, I can rob.
All the treasure belongs to us

6. Head south in the Persian Desert to (74:306)
7. Speak to Zafa
8. Click "we can take them all,ho ho ha ha" (Option 1)
9. Click "Who can compare to us, yo ho hey. " (Option 2)
10. Click "All the treasure belongs to us." (Option 1)
Receive: Memory loss medicine.
11. Return to Healer Hamar

Warning there has been a penalty of loss of exp if you repeat the song wrong.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Requirement: Complete: Memory Loss Medicine Quest
1x Assorted Bun, 4x Greater Stimulant, 2x Life Herb
Rewards: 3k Fame, 5k Experience
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to dumb youth (13:159)
2. Choose "Okay, let me give you a hand" (Option 1)
3. Talk to Adama (64:51) In Baghdad
4.Give him 1 x Assorted Bun (Option 1)
5. Get Strong Memory Sugar from Hamar
6. Get 2x hair of the Golden Lama from Kars Mountain,
4x Ivory Tusks from Wood Elephants in Syrian Plateau
8x Camel's Tongues from Canaan Valley,
4x Greater Stimulant,
2x Life Herb
7. Bring them back to Hamar Receive Strong Memory Sugar
8. Give Dumb Youth (13:161) the candy
This quest leads directly into "The Door with Tricks" Below automaticly.
Note: Dumb Youth - Changes to Ali Baba

The Door with Tricks
Requirement: Complete Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Quest
Rewards: 3k Fame, 8k Experience
Quest NPC's

1. Speak to Gika (74:306) - Choose I used it by accident. Receive Memory
Loss Medicine. (Option 1)
2. Bring 1xVintage Sorghum wine to Gika and Zafa
3. Talk to The Door With Tricks
4. (Option 2 the door gives you a list of items) Bring: 15 random items.
(There is no pattern, other then they are usually easily purchased or manufactured.)
5. Put 10 items in the "basket".
6. Enter the Thief Lair and rescue Ali Baba's Brother.
7. Fight the thief leader On level 2 at the bottom right lane (74:170) (warning he does 4x combo.(700-1000 per hit) Level 50 with about 15,000Hp
Note: If 1 person finishes the fight it is as if everyone finishes the fight
8. Talk to thief ask where Parsimony is
9. Go and Tell Ali Baba the bad news

The formula for solving the doors question using the "hints"

To make it easier, sort your inventory so that it's in the order of what is in
your quest log.

Place the first 10 items in to the basket.
the door will say whether the secret item is in the basket or not.

If he says the item is in there next place 5 items from the top of your
inventory into the basket, then go to the bottom and start adding items till
you reach 10 total,

Ask him if it is in those new 10 items, if the ten items are "not" the ones you want then that means second 5 from the top of your inventory are the correct ones. If it is then that means you do a process of elimination from the the "5 top items" that you placed in, (Ie: only put 3 items out of the top 5) in and
from the bottom of your inventory fill the 10, if it's in the basket then that means it's one of those 3, do it again with 2 items, etc.

Example (Harder your item is in the first 10): My list:
cotton, meat, old ginger, fish, applen fried chicken, beer,
cotton yarn, copper ingot cow skin, pinellia, rice,
apple cider, rattan, golden herb

Sorted Inventory


Your First Guess with 10 items

Choose Option 1 to continue guessing in our example here the secret item
is from these 10

Guess 2: taking first 5 items from top (5 out of the 10 that are for sure the secret Item)
and 5 from the "Items that are not the secret item"

This mentions that the item IS NOT in the basket that means the above items.
(Fried Chicken Beer, Cotton Yarn, Copper Ingot and Cow Skin, one is the secret Item

Knowing that it is one of those 5 items you then can either "resort your inventory,
or just have it written down what you where doing and which 5 are the possible
guesses for the secret item you do this: (Choose 1 of the "possible Items" and 9
other not possible items). in this example you see the friend chicken is the possible item.

As you can see I am now using the beer as the "next" possible item"

Now Cotten Ball

This leaves 2 options remaining Copper Ingot or Cow Skin so even if we get this
wrong you should be 100% sure if you did these steps right that the item is the
remaining item: Let's see:

7th Guess:
Choosing Option 2 (I'll guess the riddle): Rember to look at the "NEXT" and
PREVIOUS buttons as there are more then one page.

And Voila You have access to the thieves cave and have completed this mini quest

Example 2: (easy example) (USA Example (Text only)

MeFisher's Example from doing it Myself. This takes place after the
door states to me that the first 10 items I placed in the basket where
not the secret item.

So in following that I placed

The 5 items that it could possibly be are:
apple cider,
iron ore,

I place the Iron Ore, and Carp with 8 other items into the basket.
The door tells me that it is not in that basket, this leaves 3 items.

apple cider

Next taking 2 out of the 3 items placing them in the basket.

And place 8 other items into the basket, The door tells me it is in that
basket, this means that it is either


So to determine the final results you take the Rice and add 9 other items
to the basket. The door told me that the secret item was in that basket, this means the secret item is "Rice" (for me, it is utterly random)

Now when you speak to the Door choose the option to Guess the
Secret Item.

Scroll through the list by clicking next / previous till you find the
answer that was provided in my case "rice"

(I messed up at one point on this because I did not see the button
marked next page and previous page. the door scrolls through the
whole list of all 15 items.

Thanks to Laelyne for updates

Sinbad's Adventure
Requirement: Complete: Aladdin and the Little Princess Sheba
Rewards: 1 Mill Exp, 4k Fame, 1x Attribute Tuner (Random)
Quest NPC's
1. Go to Island of Cannibals (Accessed in the sky above Tutu Island)
2. Top right corner Speak to Sinbad (68:50)
3. Bring the dolls of the transformed Queen, Princess and Prince to Sinbad
Level 70 Monsters Boulder Island - (Griffin's)
Level 60+ Monsters Zharpie Island - (Earth Unicorn/Narwhal)
Level 30+ Monsters Tutu Island - (Scorpion)
4. Return to Sinbad with the three dolls - (Prepare for a rough battle brain washed Sinbad has - 45,500HP's) (Note: all whom are in fight complete this part)
5. Hunt for Dark Spirit (a single spirit in a battle) (Note: Every person in group must take turns leading in order to find the dark spirit and fight the boss. )After you defeat the spirit you will be immediately challenged by the fake king (level 82) 76,500Hp's, who loves to spam 4,5,6 and freeze you)
6. After defeating the king you are teleported to "Evil Dark Space" Head to 25:23 to fight Golgo (lvl 90 Evil Dark Mage) 115,500Hp's and uses some magic spells
(Atlas & Ice Wyrm seem to be his favorites as well as pine forest >.< )
7. Take the Recovery Medicine back to Sinbad
8. Then take the dolls and medicine to "The Good Witch" (37:37) in Syrian Plateau (You loose the dolls from your inventory at this time)
9. She asks you to bring 5 x Solar Smile 5 x Morning Dew 5 x Summer Breeze to The Good Witch.
Credits: Warriorprince helped with location's of the dolls / which ones to kill. Pipa's site for Hp Information, Ivi and Endril for updates.