Universe Secret Fusion

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Universe Secret Fusion
Controlling Everything in a Fusion - Picture Explanation
You are able to control everything about the pet > AND > add extra skills using Gems!
Universe Secret
Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
You will also require 5k coins to complete the Fusion.

In Emerald City
1. Tell Guersain you want to make an "Advanced Pet Fusion"
2.Choose "I'm ready for it"
3.Choose a pet to be the dad (in this example, White Kitty)
4.Choose a pet to be the mom (in this example, Faya Elephant)
5.Choose the inheritability of Attributes (Element) (in this example, Paternal pet (Light))
6.Choose the inheritability of Species (in this example, Paternal pet (Kitty))
7.Choose the inheritability of Abilities (Growth) (in this example, Maternal pet (Str/Str))
8.Choose if you want to add an Inborn Skill (in this example, yes!)
9.Choose the gem for adding Inborn Skill (in this example, Lunar metal)
10.Confirm the use of the gem
11.Confirm that all is correct
12.There we go!
13.And here is our result!
A light Kitty with Str/Str growth and triple combo skill inborn.
Thanks for the screenshots stybex!

List of gems and their effect:

Agate Play dead
Azure Jade Super boost
Blue Jade Intimidate
Celestine Stupify
Diamond Heal
Dimis Metal Soul Reave
Element Crystal Full Heal
Evil Gem Infest
Green Jade Berserk
Infernite Vampirism
Joshra Metal - La La Dance
Lunar Metal Triple combo Strike
Mythyst Transfer hp
Obsidian Desperate Strike
Opal Combo
Red Jade Frighten
Ruby Hide
Sapphire Invisible
Seraphite Goodwill
Soul Gem Sacrifice
Topaz Mischief
Turquoise Fool
Yellow Jade Boost
Thank you GiganT & Kolpak