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Standard Pet Fusion
People can fuse two pets into one, without using special objects.

-This fuses both pets together and creates a level 1 pet.
-The final pet can gain the stats, element and race of either of the two fused pets.
-The outcome can also be a completely random race, but the chance of that is very very low.
-The pet that can come out, depends on the level of the parents.

For example: Cap 1 pet x Cap 1 pet = most likely Cap 1, but an estimated chance of 10% on a Cap 2 pet.
Never will the outcome be higher then a Cap 2 pet.

Cap 3 Pet x Cap 3 pet = Cap 1, or Cap 2, or Cap 3.
No pets above Cap 3 (lvl 61) cannot come out in a regular fusion.
Also, rare pets won't come out in a regular fusion. Rare pets = Lager, Karla Dragon, Phoenix , White Cat etc.)

Fuse Only pets CAN come out of normal fusion, as long as the parents Wild standard level (not the trained level) combined and divided by 2 is higher then the fused pet's "wild level". Check Lager's guide for info on the levels.
for example a Red Infantry (Level 46 fuse only) can be obtained when you fuse a Wooden Infantry (lvl 51) and a lvl 31 or higher fire pet of choice.
Note that Fuse-Only pets with an X cannot come out of standard fusion.

By using the right 2 pets for fusing, you can in a way steer the result a bit in the right direction.
This, of course will mostly be of use when making a Cap 1 pet (because then the outcome options are smallest).

Ok, so what do you need:
-The 2 pets you want to fuse
-5000 coins

Talk to the NPC in the pet shop and you will fuse the two pets. You will have no control over the outcome.
Monster 1: Werewolf (lvl 8-9) (Cap1),
Monster 2: White Cat (lvl 11-15) (Cap1)
Possible outcomes: Wherewolf (Cap1), White cat (Cap1), or Light Wolf (Cap2). (Dark cat won't come out, it's level is too high (lvl 66 Fuse only pet).