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Pet Nutrient Fusion
Controlling Stats in a Fuse -Picture Explanation
Example: Make a STR/STR dark pet out of a Ruby and a Dark Lion
You need a Pet Card of the pet whose stats you are fusing for:
Fire Ruby Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
You need a Pet Doll of the pet whose stats you are fusing for:
Fire Ruby Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
Pet Nutrient: - Stat Controler
Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
You need 2 pets to fuse with - as parents. A Fire Ruby and a Dark Lion.
You will also require 5k coins to complete the Fusion.
Paternal: - Dark Lion (Desired Element)

Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
Maternal: - Fire Ruby (Desired Str Growth)

Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
Next you will be required to choose how you do the Fusion.
In this case "Pet Nutrient" you are choosing the upgradability.
Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
You are now given the option to choose the upgradability of the "Paternal" or "Maternal" pet.
Considering we are doing a Str/Str Fusion based on the Fire Ruby, you can see the option you will have to choose is the "Maternal".
Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
Now you pray and hope Lady Luck is on your side.
Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
As you can see she wasn't with me this time.
Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)
If it came out as Dark Ruby or Dark Lion, you know it's a success of a PURE STR dark pet.
One more thing: If you see the fusing screen showing a Dark Lion on it, it doesn't mean it'll come out as a Dark Lion, it only means that the monster type is Lion.

Smart Pet Fusion
When you know the rules of pet fusion you can increase the chance of successfully getting the desired pet. This, however, wonít be as certain as with pet models and pet crystals. You can just increase the chance by a small percentage. The parent pets can always come out of a pet nutrient fusion. However, when you want a pet with the element of one of the pets and the species of the other pet, the general rules of pet fusion count. With these rules you can make sure that 1 out of the 4 possible outcomes is impossible, and 1 possible to increase the chance of success when choosing the parent pets.

For example, when you want to get a fire int/int pet you can use a dark caterpillar and an ardor swallow. Youíll need a pet nutrient a dark caterpillar card and doll, the pets and 5000 coins.

The outcomes would be, a dark caterpillar, an ardor swallow, a bad swallow and a fire bug but the possible outcomes are Dark Caterpillar, Ardor Swallow or Fire bug because:
-Dark Caterpillar, is the parent, so this is possible.
-Ardor Swallow, is the parent, so this is possible.
-Bad Swallow, is a rare pet, so this is impossible.
-Fire bug, level 31 in the wild, so this is possible.

(If a Fire Bugís wild was level 41, then the parent petís level average would have to be 41 or higher to make this possible, but a Fire Bugís wild level is 31 so this doesnít apply)

Once an impossible outcome would roll on the slots, youíll get a dialogue saying that it is impossible (no slot machine will appear). Youíll just have to repeat the process of fusing till it fuses. This sometimes can save a pet nutrient from being used for an undesired pet.