MeFisher's Scrap Book

of Memories


Lager 01 in Fl Lagernet
Halloween Party
The three of us where having fun out in Rainbow City Suburbs. :-)
Group Photo Time : Mefisher, Tashah,Grolgan (grolgan's skelly) and me and Tashah's Lager's.
Mefisher and Tashah with our two cute Lagers.
Just lounging around, and rattling our bones while we dances later on.
Resting on the job :-P Dance of celebration for a baby Skeleton's arival!
Guarding the Queen.


Lunar Bunny Event
From top left,
Windsong, Tashah, Beach, Galadriel123, MeFisher, Oznij. We where all ready to group kill the bunnies. Untill we found it was a solo event.

Found little bunny mating centers. They liked to hide here to get away from us fairylanders whom where stalking them for their rare items they had stuffed umm i think they where behind their ears or something. I never could figure out how a cap 4 or bunny egg was carried by one of these little monsters. :-P


Ambrosia found a cute boy tped friend to flirt with. Ambrosia's kiss with cassidies baby, Aww how sweet a match made in heaven.
Casside's baby and a GM who visited us near the bank. Oh no!!!! Pyro's Poker card soldier decided to take a walk without him.
This was funny: We randomly all turned into wood spiders and ran into EndlessFaith. We where dancing and goofing around for awhile, then we decided to go kill something together. :)

Haha Myste is surouned by us Spiders, Get her ~ POUNCE~
Tashah's Sister Valeska: Mefisher dancing with her while weaving.
Me and beach as Pegasuses

And here Just misc full screen caps:


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