Time Zones:

Fairyland counts in GMT. Take the wedding time and add or substract the hours of your country. Note: It can be that for YOU the wedding is a day earlier or later then the GMT time says!!!
Starting on Today:
GMT-12 Balker Island, Howland Island, etc
GMT -11 Samoa, Midway Atoll, Jarvis Island, etc
GMT -10 HST; Hawaii, Alaska(Aleutian Islands), French Polynesia(some parts), etc.
GMT -9:30 French Polynesia(Marquesas Islands)
GMT -9 AKST; Alaska(most of state), French Polynesia(Gambier Islands)
GMT -8 PST; Canada(British Columbia, etc.), West Coast U.S., Mexico(Baja), etc.)
GMT -7 MST; Parts of Canada, U.S., and Mexico
GMT -6 CST; Parts of Central America, U.S., Mexico, Canada, etc
GMT -5 EST; Parts of U.S., Peru, Canada, Bahamas, etc
GMT -4 AST; Brazil(west), Canada, Greenland, etc.
GMT -3:30 NST; Labrador and Newfoundland
GMT -3 Brazil(official), Argentina, French Guiana, etc
GMT -2 Brazil(Ocean Islands), South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands
GMT -1 Cape Verde, Greenland, Portugal(Azores)
GMT BST; United Kingdom, Portugal, Western Sahara, etc
(UK has Summer (+1 GMT) and winter (+0 GMT) time, take that into account!!!
GMT +1 / +2 CET; Europe
(Europe has Summer (+2 GMT) and winter (+1 GMT) time, take that into account!!!
GMT +2 EET; Egypt, Greece, South- and West-Africa, Lebanon, etc
GMT +3 MT/EAT; Kenya, Uganda, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc.
GMT +3:30 Iran
GMT +4 UAE, Georgia, parts of Russia, Armenia, etc.
GMT +4:30 Afghanistan
GMT +5 WAST; Pakistan, Tajikistan, parts of Russia and Kazakhstan, etc
GMT +5:30 Indian Standard Time and Sri Lanka Standard Time
GMT +5:45 Nepal
GMT +6 Bhutan Time, Bangladesh Time, parts of Russia
GMT +6:30 Cocos Island and Myanmar
GMT +7 Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, parts of Russia
GMT +8 ASEAN Common time; Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore, etc.
GMT +8:45 CWT; some parts of Australia
GMT +9 Australia, Japan, Korea, Palau, parts of Russia, Eastern Indonesia
GMT +9:30 ACST; Australia Central Time
GMT +10 AEST; Eastern Australia, Guam, parts of Russia, Micronesia, etc
GMT +10:30 ACDT; South Australia, Broken Hill, New South Wales
GMT +11 parts of Russia, parts of Micronesia, Soloman Islands, etc.
GMT +11:30 Norfolk Island
GMT +12 NZST; New Zealand, parts of Russia, Fiji, Wake Island, etc.
GMT +12:45 Chatham Islands
GMT +13 Tonga, Phoenix Islands
GMT +14 Kirimati and the Line Islands

Thank You Freeze. Updated 2009 by Moiraine