Technical Support:
When Fairyland is not functioing properly.

Rember these are only guides and sugestions, I take no responsibility for miss handly and/or mistakes you yourself make while doing these. I am a trained A+ Certified Technician.

In the Following Page I will do my best to explain and walk you through the steps necessary.

* NOTE: This is only a guideline, If you do not feel comfortable please refer to a certifed computer technican for repairs.

1) Virus Scan your computer
2) Adaware and Spyware Scan Your computer
3) Windows Update
4) Run Cleanup40.exe
5) Run Disk Defragmentation
6) Fairyland Technical Support that I have found over time.
7) Do you have ? mark's over peoples heads?
8) Fixing "X" in skills on different classes as well as fixing ? marks over peoples heads and all the missing title icons.


Virus Scanning
There are a few major points to rember when virus scanning. For simple virus removals
Online Virus Scanner: (Only scan once and that is it, no active protection)
Offline / Active Virus Scanner: (Monitors and checks the system for viruses constantly. Some virus scanners allow for dailiy updates to protect your computer system even better
For "new" viruses that there are no deffintions for, they will sneak into the computer system and disable your virus scanner before it receives the updates necessary to counter the virus. This means that you are now an easy target for other viruses.
Here I shall Describe what to do if you recieve a virus:
1) Verify whether your virus scanner is installed (active): If your virus scanner is Active to a "Live update" the method to download the most current virus deffintion protection files.
1a) If you successfuly ran live update now run a full system scan. If you are unable to remove the virus you will have to restart in Safe mode. (Safe mode is a diagnostic mode for dealing with technical related work. ) (Refer Here)
2) If your virus scanner was "Disabled". You shall have to do the following. Open Internet Explorer, type in the address bar : Http://
2a)click on the drop down menu and choose your location.
2b)click on Go if you are running windows xp and service pack 2 a little blue shield will show saying click here to install the following activex controler, click there a little menu shall appear click on the install active x controler.
2c) after you click install a new window appears for a sec saying retry or cancel click on retry
2d) another new window appears click on the install button
2e) "Active Update will start to download wait till it finishes.
2f) click on the box beside local disk c: and if you have a local disk d: put the checkmark there as well
2g) put a checkmark in Auto Clean
2h) click on the SCAN Button and wait while it scans. and follow the rest of the instructions
If: your scanner doesn't work right, or closes the whole page on you, Access how to enter safemode link and do those steps again.(Refer Here)
upon completing the virus scan you should have the option to delete, choose delete and restart the computer. At this point you should then reinstall / Install a Virus scanner (Non web based) and do live updates and another full system scan.
If none of these work and you still have a virus warning, you should consider taking the computer in to be looked at.
* Note: some virus scanners do dettect spyware, (our next topic) however they do not fully detect them properly and usualy report them as a "security threat"

Here are two methods to scan your computer Trendmicro will clean where Norton will only scan and report what is found.
Norton's security scan :
Trend Micro's Online Virus scanner


Spyware / Adware
spyware and adware are terms for invasive programs that will either: Self install themselves from browsing the internet or from other "freeware/shareware" programs. These programs are Poorly designed, cause conflicts with each other and other windows based programs and cause errors and crashes rappidly and often. These programs will monitor your browsing habbits, send a file/info to a server somewhere, this information is collected for (Unknown reasons) but does help to start throwing pop up's at you based on your browsing habits. Also if multiple spyware/adware programs are instaled onto a computer it slows everything to a crawl because of so much happening at once.
The Key to solving these problems are spyware and adware removers. I as a Technician will use 5-10 different programs to fully remove the spyware off the computer. Here are a few samples of REALY good and legitament spyware scanners.
Adaware's Spyware scan : (One of the best free ones out there, )
Spybot Search and Destroy : (The second most popular free one)
Now when running any spyware remover program you can and most likely will cause some other program to stop working, (by disabling it's "add support" in order to cirumvent this problem it is recomended to purchase the full version that does not contain ad support.)
When you first install the software you are given an option to do an update. This is very very important as there are new sollutions found every day. And also the fact that some spyware are absolutly ridiculious to remove (I myself have litteraly spent a solid week trying to remove one varietly, every time I removed it, it auto reinstalled itself). This being the fact it is sugested to run the updates then restart the computer into Safe mode. and then running a full system scan.

Adaware (AD-Aware) allows for a few common methods to detect spyware. the "Quick" system check detects a few major threats. the Full System Scan: Scans the computer Completly. and finaly the ADS Detection scans the ADS feature of windows 2000, and XP to see for "hidden" files that are self installed upon startup. when you choose ADS scan make sure to also specify what drive to scan "C:\" by clicking the browse button beside the ADS option.

Now Personaly I sugest to run Adaware first, doing the full system scan, then the ads detection. Exit Adaware and then run Spybot search and Destroy. this should detect about 60% of the most common spyware and adware out there. If however you continue to recieve popups and spyware I would sugest once again getting a fully trained technican to give the computer a once over.
Note: Be sure you deal with an honest Technician, and/or have a computer savy friend come with you when you have the computer looked at. And find out the cost of the repair before hand. I have known many a technican whom would take full advantage of a computer user who does not know all the ins and outs and well I hate that myself.


Windows Updates
Windows updates help protect your computer from security threats designed for the operating system. Example: Imagine that someone knows that there is this one hole in a fence, by using this hole the person can sneak into your yard. By doing windows update you are puting patches over the holes. So next time this person attempts to sneak into your yard they find you have fixed the fence.
The same goes for computers. Computer operating system is very complicated to do everything you want it to do. and what was meant to do one specific task may be used against the computer. This is why a patch to fix a "vulnerability" is necessary.

You can access Windows update in a number of methods.

1) by clicking the Start Menu and clicking on Windows update
2) by clicking in internet explorer Tools and then Windows Update

Now that you are updating your computer I shall inform you that Microsoft is very strict about illiegal operating systems, If you have Windows XP you will need to verify that your operating system is legal. If you do not have a legal version of windows you will not be able to get the updates.

when you are doing the updates I Sugest that you download all the recomended ones. You will be required to restart numerous times access Windows update exactly how you accessed it originaly.
Once all the "Recomended updates" are updated, click on the Optional updates. Choose most particulary Direct X 9.0c or whichever is the newest version and after you install and restart that one, also choose Media player's newest update.


Downloaded from above link,
Once you have downloaded and installed the program,
1) Open the program, (NOTE: This program purges completly the following from your computer: Temp folder,Temporary Internet files, Prefetch, Recyclebin is emptied, Cookies, all "recent" pages accessed both online and in the Start Menu.) This is a powerfull utility Please be carefull and I will not be held responsible for any problems!!!!!
2) click on options,
3) remove the checkmark that says scan the drive for temp files.
4) click on the okay button
5) click on the Cleanup Button
6) Wait till completed. then restart the computer.


Disk Defragmentor
Disk defragmentation / Defrag is the term for reorganizing the files on the hdd. Picture this scenarion: You have a schools filing cabinet, normaly it's in alphabetical order however, If people start putting the A's with the Z's and Z's in the C's etc. it get's realy messy. In order to resort and organize everything you will have to run Defrag, Defragmenation resorts all your information into a coherent and quicker access for the computer to load files.
This makes your computer run faster because the operating system can find and load files extremly quickly.
1) Click on the Start menu,
2) Highlight Programs,
3)Highlight Accesorires,
4) Highlight System Tools,
5) click on Disk Defragmentor
Once the program loads click on the Defragment button (windows 2k/winxp) for windows 98 choose from the drop down menu which hard drive you want to defragment, and then click on the defragment button.
Wait till completed. this could take a few hours or minutes.
Upon completed restart the computer.


Accessing Safe Mode:
1)Turn your computer off,
2)Turn computer on
3) tap the F8 key on your keyboard about once a second until a menu appears
4) using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard you must click on the Safemode button (For "offline" scans) or if you need to access the internet /online virus scans click the Safemode with Networking support (windows 2000 / windows xp )
5) Wait a bit and you should get into safemode, click on the "YES" option when asked. Now run your diagnostics you where going too.


Fairyland Problems
Here I shall list any methods for solving problems relating directly to Fairyland.
Log on issues are usualy the primary concern.
1) Determine where your Lager program folder is stored
1a) Go to this folder, Delete the Fairyland.exe file,
1b) Delete the nuser.lsb file
1c) double click on the "Login" icon, this will launch the updater
1d) The updater should redownload the Fairyland.exe file and the nuser.lsb file.
2a) Click on Start
2b) Settings
2c) Control Panel
2d) Double click on Windows Firewall
2e) Remove checkmark from Fairyland if it appears
2f) Remove checkmark from Login.exe if it appears
2g) restart computer, and try to log in now