Welcome to the Learning Center:

The Following Page is information provided when you first create a Character in Fairyland.


Welcome to the fairyland school, "your name". We will teach the essentials to get along in this world.
We have a prize for you if you do reasonably well first you must learn to walk. Just click on wherever you want to go in this room. Try it now. Great, you have learned to walk. Now step on the yellow mattress at the exit to enter the next classroom.

Fairyland Professor:

I'll teach you how to talk or exchange information with other residents in this world. Just right click on the person you want to talk too enter a conversation. Now talk to the little boy in the room. (Note: use the mouse to click the up and down arrow key to read rest of message if you are unable to read everything at once)

Now that you know how to talk to others, rember you will able to get important information of this world through conversations. Next I'll teach you how to use an item. Your inventory is the fifth button at the lower left corner of your screen. Click on it now, A loaf of bread is in your inventory. You can eat it by right click on it. Try that now.

Click on Inventory icon (Treasure chest bottom left of screen.
(insert picture)

Note:: This is your inventory two items appear. Fried chicken, and assorted bun, Right click on the Assorted bun (
Note: Highlighting the food item will display a little box indicating what the item is. And some other important information.

Fairyland professor:

Notice that the yellow bar at the lower right corner has increased in length. This indicates your Food Level or How well you are fed. Pay attention to your Food Level. If you are not properly fed your HP and MP will regnerate slower.

(Insert picture)

Now I'll teach you how to pick or drop an item. Walk next to an item and right click on it to pick it up. To drop an item, access your inventory ,click on the item you are dropping, then click on the spot you want it to be dropped.

Here's a tip. If you need to split up a stack of items, Hold the SHIFT key while you move and drop items in your inventory.

Fairyland Girl:

Let me teach you about character building. In this world, characters are divided into 6 categories - Strength (Str), Dexterity (Dex), Intelligence (Int), Constitution (Con), Luck (Luk) and Charm (Cha).

Strength: Determines the amount of damage you deal and how much weight you can carry.
Intelligence:Determines how much Hp or magic points you start with.
Dexterity: Determines how well you can dodge an attack and how fast you can attack.
Constintution: Determines how fast youu Mp or Hit points regenerate and how much your hp's increases when you level up:
Charm: Determines your chance of success in capturing a beast
Luck: Affects almost everything, - hit rate, dodge, the chance of a successful special attack, to the chance of encountering rare beasts. or finding rare items.

Whenever you promise to help someone, the quest will be recorded in the fairy compendium you carry. See the book at the upper right corner? Click on it to access your Fairy Compendium.

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Any quest you are undertaking will be shown here. A green light before the quest indicates you have completed it while a red one indicates that you have not. Click on the green light to check the outcome of a complted quest. Click on the red light to check what you still have to do t ocomplete the quest.

Fairyland Boy:

I'll teach you about forming parties with other players. If you want to join someone's party Ask first. Make sure they want you in the party before joining. The first button from the left in the upper left corner is the party icon. Clicking here to change yoru party status. A cross on the icon indicates that currently nobody can join you as a party. The first button from the left in the upper right corner is the "join party " icon. Click it when you are facing a player to join his party- providing of course, that he had his party icon on. If you want to leave someone's party, just click the "join" party icon in the upper right corner again. If you're the leader of a party, you can access the leader window by clicking the "join party" icon. This is where you can boot a player from the party or disband the party. that's about everything on partying, Here's a reward for paying attention.


Fairyland Trader:

Hi there I can teach you how to conduct a trade. Before you can trade make sure yoru trade icon is on. It is the second icon in the upper left corner. A cross indicates that it is off. Once you have confirmed the item and price with another player, face each otehr and click the "conduct trade" icon. It is the second icon in the upper right corner. At the right of the trade window is the item information. click the 3 green buttons to switch pages. In this window you can set the items or pets to be traded, and the amount of coins to be offered. Click the "show items" button in the lower right when you are done and the other player will be able to see what you are offering. Similarly, at the left side of the window is what the other player offeres.
When both players have clicked "show item" and are happy with what the other is offering, they can click on the circel to complete thr trade. Click on teh "cross" if you want to cancel the trade. When you are selling something That's about all on trading. Now put it into practice. Her's a reward for paying attention.

Fairyland Kid:

Nice to meet you. I'll teach you how to interact with other players. First the Postures. Click the fourth icon in the upper right corner to access a list of all the "postures". Perform a posture by clicking on it.
Here's a tip. Perform a posture when facing your pet and it will mimic you. To chnage your facing, right click around yourself and you will fae that direction. Here's a tip: right click on someone and his name appears in the list below the screen, you can click on the name and talk to him in private. You can add him to the list of friends by clicking on the icon before his name. Alright i'm done teaching. Take this carp soup as a reward.

Fairyland Warrior:

Hello there. I'm here to teach you about fighting. You may encounter hostile beasts when traveling. The further you are from cities or vivllages, the tougher the beast. Newbies should refrain from venturing too far.Falling in a combat will result in a slight loss in reputation, money and experience. Newbies below level 10 will lose nothing for falling in a combat though. Combats are conducted in turns during which both sides have to select commands before the action begins. You must issue commands within the time given for each turn, indicated by the running bar in the upper left corner or you will defend by default. On the right is a list of combat comamands. For example, attack,cast spell or item. A command will not be executed until the next action phase.if you are taking a pet into a combat you have to issue commands for it too. The action phase begins when everyone has given their commands.
If you have chosen the "attack" command and when the time comes for you to attack, just click on the target you are attacking. If someone falls while fighting in a party he will be teleproted to a healer as the rest of the party goes on. However if it is the leader who falls the party will be disbanded.
that's about all that i can teach. if you ahve questions on spells or items, there are others whom you can ask.

Fairyland Soldier:
You begin the game as a commoner. You can take an apprenticeship with someone in the village. Taking an apprenticeship is the best way to try out the different guilds. You can officialy join a guild whenyou are at level 10. There are 3 guilds, the journeyman guild, the diviner guild, and the soldier guild. Each guild branches out further into 3 classes. Eachclas endows you with different skills. Once you have officially joined a guild there's no way out. Think twice before joining any guild.

Fairyland Mage:
If you want to class spells you ahve to join the diviner guild. the 3 classes branching from it is the only classes that can cast spell. You can learn spells in the temples of the various gods. You can cast spells in a combat by clicking on the third icon in the upper right corner, then select a spell and a target. Make good use of the hotkeys in a combat. They are atthe lower right corner of yoru screen. Put yoru favorite spells, skills or items here for a quick access. You can cast more spells as you gain more skill. Here's a reward:
(mind soothe)