Faith Point Quests:

There are basically five types of temple quests:
1) Deliver a Letter
2) Raise your fame
3) Raise your Experience
4) Kill 10 monsters
5) Kill monster and get a Mysterious Ore
The higher your luck is, the more faith points you get.
Remember to use goodwill and wear your luck equipment!
Choose your "faith" carefully, or not at all. If you choose faith in an element (fire) as an example your damage and defense are fire oriented. What this means is that if you are fighting against a water pet and you are not wearing an armor pet you will take massive damage because of your "weakness" is against fire. So remember to use a armor pet that will help protect you from your weakness. The benefit though is increased fire damage in the diviner class.
The more faith points you have the more damage you do. Having over 80k faith points=more damage. This is however not proven for SOD, according to Lager over 80k means improved damage, but it doesn't seem to work in this version of the game.
Credits to Pipa's Forum