Acolyte of Darkness Guide

(This is outdated) however still relevant whomever wishes to update or provide a more detailed guide please do so. Linked here : )

The Acolyte of Darkness is probably the hardest class in the game. You may be used to most games, where the AoD(or Dark Priest, Dark Mage, Necromancer, or whatever it may be called) is a really cool choice. They normally have fun spells and powerful abilities. You don't get any of that here, no sir. The people who did character design apparently hate us dark class lovers. The spells are horribly useless and insanely expensive to cast. Dimension Distortion, the AoDs main attack spell, can only hit one target at a time, costs a crap load of money, and does very little damage. Vampirism costs 60 MP!!!! This makes you think twice before casting it, but the fact it can replenish HP is very helpful. Then there's dark ritual. This spell isn't nearly as cool as it sounds on the main site. All it does is summon enemies to you, instead of you having to walk around and randomly encounter them, but they are 5 levels higher than normal mobs. Which means that you get more experience from battles. This is the reason AoDs with this spell are sought after, as they can help training at later levels.

Getting Started:
Ok, now if you read the basic info section before diving into this, you'd have learned not to go straight into the diviner apprentice. Spending your first 10 levels as a warrior apprentice is a much better idea. As a diviner pre-mage, you have no skills to level as an apprentice. So having the warrior skills and ability wear armor and use weapons will help you quickly get to level 10. Then once you hit level 10, drop the warrior apprentice, then pick up diviner and go get your acolyte of darkness class.

Stat Distribution:
The Acolyte of Darkness is an annoying class to level. So on this one, I wouldn't blame you for having more constitution than normal. But I wouldn't go overboard, maybe 35 tops. Then of course you will still want intelligence, especially since your spells will be so expensive. And then of course your dexterity. So much like the other diviner classes, the normal stat distribution here is 2 int and 1 dex per level.

Now that you're at level 10, you've finally become an acolyte of darkness.
You'll notice that once you become an AoD, the fun begins, as your only available spell is Curse. Yipee. This lowers the attack power on the enemy you use it on, if successful. Now that we know that you're pretty useless in combat as a whole, that brings us to...

Much like the AoL, you're going to need yourself a great combat pet. Unfortunately, unlike the AoL, you're more than likely going to want a light pet that can heal too. Fortunately there are a couple of good light pets out there than can do both. These would be the gem crawler and light pegasus, and maybe the light cloud.

Healing/Combat - Light owl, light sheep, gem crawler, rice bunny, light pegasus, light cloud, light beetle, light hedgehog, metal slug, metal crawler, gold cloud, flaming pegasus, red beetle, red butterfly.

Magic Enhancement- Black sheep, Big Bad Wolf, Dark Rat, and Dark Unicorn.

Armor Enhancement-

Pure Defense- Wood Crab, Pie Aibo, Wood Poli, Wood Hog

Defense and Dodge- Mud Slime and Mutt

Where should I go to beat things up now?
Your dreams, cause you won't be beating anything up with your character in this game. Hopefully you've made a nice battle pet choice. Because if you want to solo, it's going to be essential. Training an AoD is no walk in the park, especially if you're doing it solo.







40 and beyond-