Information about Michiel /  The Weird Mixing Object
updated: February 2006

I was born  march 6 1982.

I study Animal-management in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

My hobbies are:



-playing computer games (mainly rpg / adventure)

-composing music.

-updating this website 






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DJ story:

I started composing my own music in 1995 with a program called Revolution creater.
In 1996 I got Magix music maker. That went a lot better, but still not good enough. 
In 1999 I got Magix music maker professional. Now everything started going exactly as I wanted.
2001 I started using Ejay techno maker and Modplugtracker too. 
By the end of 2002 I started making my own samples, beat, hihat, base, melody, and the like. Since the beginning of 2003 I started using Magix sound studio 2003 and Rebirth also. For improving the sound quality of live recorded sounds and instruments (played by me) I use Music cleaning lab and Soundforge.
I now have made over 3 gigabytes of music. One track is about 40 MB and that is about 4 minutes of music.
I create 1 minute of music in one and a half hour, so you get a pretty good idea how much it takes to make a song. Though I'm never satisfied the first time I finish a song, I always change some things after a few days, sometimes even after a month still :)

From november 2001 till december 2003 I was a dj at Wolwęze. I quit, because of a disagreement between them and me. So, now there's just the artist / composer. I don't think i'll ever stop creating music, so there's no reason to worry! :-}

If you have any questions, ideas , remarks or can always send an e-mail to: